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Tampa Bay Bucs Getting Ready For Blackout As Kansas City Chiefs Come To Town

Back in the day, even though they were in a small market, the Kansas City Chiefs were a good draw at visiting stadiums. In the 90s, they were a perennial playoff team which would help draw folks to visiting stadiums. In the first half of the 00s, they had that high-flying offense that folks wanted to see.

These days? Not so much.

The Chiefs are visiting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Saturday and it appears the game won't be televised locally in Tampa Bay.

The St. Petersburg Times says the Bucs are "likely" facing a blackout this weekend against the Chiefs.

For Chiefs fans, you may have to face the reality that this could be happening in Kansas City soon. It's too soon to tell if the Chiefs will sell enough tickets to the final two preseason home games for them to be televised. The Chiefs are lucky, though, that two big name teams -- the Eagles and Packers -- are coming to town.

Selling out the Monday Night Football opener shouldn't be a problem but it's possible the Chiefs see their first blackout of the year before that.

I'm not trying to be doom-and-gloom here. I'm just looking at things realistically.