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Bears Checking Out Two Former Kansas City Chiefs Backups

Trent Green's name has been in the news today.

First comes word that Kurt Warner is replacing him on FOX as an NFL analyst.

Now comes a report from Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times that the Bears once again contacted Green about playing this year.

The Bears called about Trent Green on Sunday but his agent Jim Steiner told the club Green will remain retired and in the broadcasting business. The team had inquired about Green's interest in the spring, but never formally offered him a contract, according to Steiner.

His agent says that with all of his broadcasting deals, it wasn't quite possible.

Green is 40 years old (but he's younger than Brett Favre).

So who else could the Bears look to?

Todd Collins.

A league source said that Todd Collins, a 15-year veteran who spent the previous four seasons with the Washington Redskins, could be their target.

That's two Chiefs quarterbacks (or backup quarterbacks).

Remember the pipeline to Kansas City from San Francisco as a backup? The Chiefs had Steve Bono, Joe Montana and Elvis Grbac -- all at one point a 49ers backup quarterback.