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Chiefs Training Camp: Fourth Quarterback Joins The Team

Eagle eye Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star noticed a new quarterback with the Chiefs this morning before they boarded a bus heading to a movie.

But as they headed out for what would be a cancelled practice, they had a fourth quarterback wearing practice jersey number 9. The logical guess is that the Chiefs re-signed Matt Gutierrez, who played for them last season and was released at the end of off-season practice in June.

But after a quick glance at the player coming off the practice field, it didn't appear to be Gutierrez.

Teicher also reports that Brodie Croyle was not dressed in practice gear and had a brace on his right arm.

The Chiefs need three quarterbacks to get through a week of training camp so it's possible -- and this is just speculation at this point -- that Croyle's got an arm issue and a fourth quarterback was needed for the week.

If it's a new player, the Chiefs (or someone) will announce the move likely before the afternoon practice.

Last we heard, Gutierrez was signed into the UFL.