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Chiefs Training Camp: Todd Haley Cancels Monday Morning Practice

The Kansas City Chiefs players caught a break today. Head coach Todd Haley called off practice that was scheduled at 8:50 this morning in favor of a team-building exercise.

Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star reports that the players were boarding a bus this morning for some sort of "team-building".

Coaches have done stuff like this in the past. Usually they'll go bowling or see a movie together. It's a team-building thing but it's also a break for the players if the coach thinks they've deserved it.

We'll find out at some point what they're doing today.

The Chiefs will be back on the field at 4:30 p.m. this afternoon. Temperatures are expected to be bearable, and in the 80s.

[UPDATE: Looks like they're heading to a movie, according to the KC Star. H/T Jason Shore.]