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Chiefs Training Camp: Injuries Hampering The Offensive Line

The Kansas City Chiefs were down to 10 offensive linemen in Sunday's training camp practice.

Guard Darryl Harris was out. He's been out for over a week and we've heard no updates on his status or his progress. He's a backup to Brian Waters at left guard so, ideally, he wouldn't be needed.

Rookie guard Jon Asamoah didn't practice on Sunday. Like Harris, there's no word on what's wrong with him. He played Friday night against the Atlanta Falcons.

Then there's Barry Richardson. He went down in Friday's game against Atlanta and didn't practice Sunday.

Richardson's injury may not seem like much, backup offensive tackle and all. But it appears he's going to be the primary swing tackle meaning he can play both sides. If a guy goes down, there's a good bet it's going to be Richardson who steps up in his place.

He plays a very important, if unrecognized role on the team. With no other viable swing tackles, it would seem that Richardson has a very good shot of making the team.

Still though in the grand scheme of things, the Chiefs are a pretty healthy team. The injuries we're talking about are reserves.