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Chiefs Vs. Falcons Preseason: Todd Haley On Ryan Succop's Two Missed Field Goals

If you look at the stat sheet, Kansas City Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop did not have a good night. He missed two of his three field goals. A closer look, however, and you realize it wasn't as bad as it might seem.

His two misses were both 53-yard kicks -- hardly a guaranteed make.

"When you get into that position, that is just not going to be a high percentage kick," Haley said.

The first kick looked good and but bounced off the uprights. "The first kick looked real good to me," Haley said.

The problem is that on the second one they shouldn't have been in that position. Facing a 3rd and 6 from the Falcons 29-yard line, quarterback Matt Cassel took a six-yard sack forcing the Chiefs even further back for fourth down.

"The second one didn't look like he hit it quite the same way by any means," Haley said. He also expressed frustration at Cassel giving up that sack. "Those are tough positions to put your kicker in and I'm more disappointed we put him in one those."

"When you get out of that range," Haley said, "if you expect those all the time, you'll probably be disappointed."

While you'd like your kicker to hit at least one of those, it's hard to pin the entirety of the blame on him. Once again, some of it points back to the offense.