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Kansas City Chiefs Lose To The Atlanta Falcons 20-10

The Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Atlanta Falcons tonight, 20 to 10. The Falcons beat the KC Chiefs in your typical, bland NFL preseason match up. Don't read too much into these preseason games, at least until we start seeing patterns. Sound good?

Naturally, we'll have much, much more on this game in the coming days and early next week. But for now here are a few notes of the major points of the game. Give us your thoughts in the comments.

  • Brodie Croyle was 8/15 for 65 yards and one interception. The INT essentially set up the Falcons for their first TD.
  • Matt Cassel played the first quarter of the game and didn't show us too much. He was 6/8 for 25 yards passing and did it mostly on short passes to the Chiefs' running backs and wide receivers;
  • Jamaal Charles looked excellent, rushing four times for 37 yards. Fantasy football players, take note;
  • RB Jamaal Javarris Williams has his best game ever potentially, rushing seven times for 38 yards;
  • Ryan Succop missed two long field goals (50+) but don't worry. He's still awesome;
  • The Chiefs had more passing first downs (8) and rushing first downs (11) than the Falcons;
  • The Falcons' two TDs came on one short drive (Post Brodie Croyle INT) and then a long 82 yard drive after that one.
We'll be back tomorrow morning bright and early with more Kansas City Chiefs news. For now, give us your post game thoughts in the comments and make sure you vote in the poll.