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Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Falcons Tied 3-3 At Halftime

<a href="">Via Twitpic</a>
Via Twitpic

It was a rough start for the Kansas City Chiefs but they tied the Atlanta Falcons 3-3 on a 19-yard Ryan Succop field goal as time expired in the first half.

Here are some notes on the game:

  • Jamaal Charles is looking fantastic, darting between defensive players, catching balls and basically continuing what he was doing in '09;
  • The Chiefs' offense came alive a bit early in the second quarter, as KC got a series of first down mostly on the strength of Jamaal Charles' running;
  • Dexter McCluster got several carries in a row. The Chiefs are capitalizing on his speed with those sweeps.
  • Ryan Succop hit the upright on a 53-yard field goal attempt, which would have tied the game at three;
  • The Falcons missed a long field goal with 9 minutes left in the half;
  • Brodie Croyle came in for Cassel late in the first half. He quickly completed a couple of passes.
  • On third down, Croyle ran and dove for the first down.
  • Kestahn Moore had a nice eight-yard run on first down.
  • McCluster dropped a short Croyle pass with less than a minute in the half that would have been for good yardage.
  • Leonard Pope dropped a pass from Croyle inside the five with 20 seconds left. He should have caught it.
  • Kestahn Moore broke a tackle after catching a Croyle pass that got him inside the two yard line.
  • Ryan Succop made his first of three field goal attempts to tie the game at three as time expired in the first half.

Names that pop out at me early: Kestahn Moore and Dexter McCluster.