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Kansas City Chiefs Down Three Early Against The Atlanta Falcons

via <a href="">KevinPaulScott on Twitter</a>
via KevinPaulScott on Twitter

The Kansas City Chiefs are down by a field goal to the Atlanta Falcons as the first quarter draws to a close. The Chiefs haven't looked especially good in the first quarter of the year but we've still got three quarters to go. 

Here are some notes:

  • The Falcons' second possession ended with a missed 53-yard field goal;
  • Tamba Hali has a couple of tackles;
  • Matt Cassel stepped up in the pocket and fumbled the ball (Chiefs recovered) on the Chiefs' first possession;
  • The Chiefs had trouble stopping the Falcons on Atlanta's first drive of the game, especially against the run. They did hold the Falcons to a field goal though;
  • Branden Albert was called for holding on third down;
  • Tony Gonzalez has two catches; and,
  • The Chiefs' first offensive possession didn't yield much. It ended with a Dustin Colquitt punt. Same thing with the second possession. 

Keep the conversation going in the comments. And for those who seem to be taking the game a bit too seriously, it's preseason. Take a deep breath. Everything will be okay.