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Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Atlanta Falcons: NFL Preseason Game One


Where: Atlanta, GA, The Georgia Dome

When: 7 PM Central time

Atlanta Falcons on SBN: The Falcoholic

Weather: They play in one of those sellout domes with no weather.

How to watch on TV

  • CBS Regional Coverage
  • KCTV-5 (CBS in Kansas City)
  • Play-by-play: Mike Kelly; Color Commentator: Trent Green; Sideline Reporter: Michael Coleman

How to listen online

  • Chiefs FOX Football Radio Network
  • KCFX-FM (101.1 FM in Kansas City - Listen Live in the upper right hand corner of the page)
  • Play-by-play: Mitch Holthus; Color Commentator: Len Dawson; Sideline Reporter: Kendall Gammon

I have to tell you guys, getting this open thread together feels really, really good. While I'm hesitant to call this the real start to the Kansas City Chiefs 2010 schedule because it's the NFL preseason, it still feels great to have the Red & Gold on the viewing schedule for this evening.

For those of you that are new to the open thread "scene" here at Arrowhead Pride, here are a few guidelines:

  • All etiquette rules still apply (i.e. no insults, racist language or trolling);
  • We are more lenient on the language during games but don't just comment "@#$%!!" without adding something else;
  • Once a thread gets around 600 comments or so, I will post a new thread and let everyone know; and,
  • Don't post a lot of images (and no animated GIFs) because it will slow down the thread for everyone else. Ahem, PARADE?

And one more thing....GOOOOOOOOOO CHIEFS!!!