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Chiefs Vs. Falcons Preseason: What We're Looking For

We are now about two hours away from the Kansas City Chiefs first preseason game of the 2010 season against the Atlanta Falcons.

I talked with Nick Wright of 610 Sports this afternoon and he asked what I was looking for in tonight's game. Here are my two big items (stop if you've heard me say these before).

Also, give us your two big things that you're looking for tonight.

Matt Cassel's comfort level

I want to know if Matt Cassel is undoubtedly the man in 2010. He needs to walk onto the field with the confidence that he can (and will) play well.

The Chiefs did so much this offseason to make Cassel a better player. From Charlie Weis to Dexter McCluster to Thomas Jones, there was one big goal in mind: Make Cassel as good as he can be.

Though he'll likely only play one quarter, a good quarter can go a long way to making us feel confident that the Chiefs made the right move with him.

Show us the lack of moves on the front seven was the right move

The Chiefs didn't make any significant changes to the front seven this offseason. There are four first round picks in the front seven and, as they grow into their positions, they need to show why they were first round picks.

The Chiefs pass rush has been horrible the last two seasons yet they showed an extreme amount of confidence in these guys by sticking to the plan.

Show us that was the right move.