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Chiefs Vs. Falcons Preseason: Injuries Are A Minor Factor

I'm hoping this isn't a jinx but the Kansas City Chiefs will enter their first preseason game of 2010 almost completely healthy.

The difference between the number of injured players in 2009 compared to 2010 is, well, pretty amazing. Take a look at all the players from last year that hadn't been participating.

The Chiefs enter the Atlanta Falcons game with two injury concerns: One doesn't seem so serious and another may be.

TE Tony Moeaki went down in the intra-squad scrimmage last week and appeared to have a leg injury. It's not a serious injury but he may not play. My guess is that it's one of those things that if it were a real game he would play but for preseason he'll rest it out.

G Darryl Harris went down last week as well. He's the second team left guard. He hasn't even been on the practice field since then riding the exercise bikes. Since we haven't seen him at all, we can probably expect he won't play against the Falcons and now we'll wonder if he'll play the rest of the preseason.

Those two were the only injured Chiefs remaining on Wednesday. It's possible they'll play, it's possible they won't. Though there's no official word, we're assuming the rest of the guys on the 80-man roster will be available.