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Chiefs Vs. Falcons Preseason: Three Players That Need To Show Up

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Everyone on the Kansas City Chiefs 2010 roster has something to prove. The starters from last year need to prove that they deserve to keep their jobs, while the rookies need to assure the front office that they made the right move and the newcomers need to show they've bought into the system.

I've picked out three of the players that I think have the most to prove.

Of course the starters will play a quarter -- probably 2-3 possessions -- so anything they "prove" will be a tiny sample size. But that won't stop us from making season-long predictions based on those 2-3 possessions.

Here are three players that need to have a solid start to the preseason.

Matt Cassel

I know, I know. He won't be play much and it's just preseason.

But there's a lot of pressure on this guy. With the addition of Charlie Weis and bringing back Chris Chambers and drafting Dexter McCluster, there aren't a lot of reasons he shouldn't play well.

But, if you're the quarterback, and you don't start off well, the fans can make it hard on you. I think it's very important that Cassel comes out and plays efficiently. Something like 7/10 for 75-100 yards in two first quarter possessions.

He can't flop because people will start wondering what's been going on all offseason. The Weis addition has been getting hyped up and now it's time to back it up. Even if it is just one game, or one quarter, first impressions go a lon way.

Dwayne Bowe

The early training camp reports on Bowe have been very positive. He's in shape, seemed focused mentally and has draw praise from a few folks in the organization.

Now it's time to put that to test. If Cassel is going to be successful in 2010, then Bowe's going to be successful. It's pretty much that simple.

Bowe has a LOT of doubters at the moment. It's important that he begins the process of proving them wrong tonight.

Dexter McCluster

As a rookie who has never played a NFL game, he has everything to prove. He's just a rookie but for a second round pick he's starting to get a lot of pressure on him.

He had a terrific camp and showed that in practice settings he has the potential to be lethal.

Now he's gotta translate that to the game.There are so many people who are training camp stars but duds in the regular season.

The Chiefs know the hype around McCluster is growing at a rate that, frankly, I would guess they're not comfortable with. So they've got an opportunity to reel him in or let him hit the field running and show why he's getting rave reviews.