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Kansas City Chiefs 2010 Depth Chart Is Nothing Like 2009

I just took a peek at our archives and came across the first depth chart of the Kansas City Chiefs 2009 season.

My reaction:


It is so different. Mike Goff? Damion McIntosh? Zach Thomas? Devard Darling? Terrance Copper?

All first teamers.

Here's a link to the first depth chart of 2009 and then the one for 2010. After the jump I listed all the positions that are different from 2009 to 2010. Remember, this is just for the original depth charts of each season. I think we were a little more delusional back then.

Free safety: Jon McGraw (Jarrad Page)

Strong safety: Eric Berry (Bernard Pollard)

Inside linebacker: Corey Mays  (Zach Thomas)

Inside linebacker: Demorrio Williams (Derrick Johnson)

Defensive end: Tyson Jackson (Alfonso Boone)

Right guard: Ryan Lilja (Mike Goff)

Right tackle: Ryan O'Callaghan (Damion McIntosh)

Tight end: Leonard Pope (Brad Cottam)

Wide receiver: Dwayne Bowe (Terrance Copper)

Wide receiver: Chris Chambers (Devard Darling)

Slot receiver: Dexter McCluster/Jerheme Urban (Bobby Engram)

Running back: Thomas Jones (Larry Johnson)

Fullback: Tim Castille (Mike Cox)

Longsnapper: Thomas Gafford (Tanner Purdum)

Returner: Javier Arenas (Quinten Lawrence)