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Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Todd Haley On ESPN's Mike And Mike

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley appeared on ESPN's Mike and Mike show Thursday morning. Technically, it was Mike and Michelle (Beadle) since Mike Golic is out.

To start the interview, Haley had to get something out of the way.

Haley: "First off, I got about 12 texts this morning about your prediction of 5-11."

Mike (the other one): "That was Golic's prediction!"

Haley: "I tie you two together. It's the Mike and Mike show."

The majority of the interview focused on the arrival of Charlie Weis as well as the Matt Cassel.

[Editor's Note: Hey ESPN, Cassel has one "L".]

"What I saw from Matt is," Haley began, "a guy up in New England when he got an opportunity to play came in and ran the team and found a way to get them 11 wins. When he got here last year...that's a difficult transition for the quarterback.

"He wasn't getting a lot of help around him last year. We led the league in drops. 50+ drops, which has a great affect on the overall performance of the quarterback and not just from the completion percentage but confidence-wise. What I saw from Matt was a tough guy that didn't crack under a great deal of pressure. That's a good sign. I don't think a lot of guys could have handled that situation, which was very difficult.

"He's come into e is clearly becoming the leader of the team. The other players are seeing the work, the effort and the skill that he has and I think that's now carried into training camp.

"I see a much more polished quarterback that's making strides to become a good quarterback in the league."

I'm ready for the season to start. One of my biggest pet peeves is bringing up the drops from last year. Yes, they were a problem but the Chiefs brass doesn't make excuses for very many people and when they talk about Cassel they always bring up the lack of help around him and the drops. I'm ready for a season where there's not a built-in excuse.

I'm not sure "making excuses" are the right words there but that's effectively what it is.

Maybe that's just my lack-of-football frustration speaking.