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Kansas City Chiefs Preseason: DJ Says He Needs To Make A Difference Against Atlanta Falcons

Kansas City Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson will take the field on Friday night against the Atlanta Falcons at some point. We don't know yet if he'll be a starter -- the latest depth chart has him on the second team.

Preseason games are most critical for the bottom of the roster fighting for a job but DJ recognizes that this preseason game is important for him, too.

"It's critical in a way of not making a lot of mistakes and do what I've been doing in practice," he told reporters Wednesday (audio via "Everything will work out for itself. I need to make some plays. That's the bulk of it. That's the truth of it. I won't play as much but when I'm out there I need to make a difference."

DJ's difference will come at inside linebacker on the weakside. Todd Haley explained this week that DJ's skill-set suits him best for the weakside and it's unlikely he'd move from there. Like any player, though, DJ says he can play it all.

"I'm pretty versatile when it comes to linebacker," DJ says. "I can play inside or out. I'm playing inside -- weakside -- that's my best position. But I can play any of them."

But he won't get the chance to play them all.

What do you think? Does DJ need to be disruptive on Friday or just consistently do his job?