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Todd Haley Signs 'Chiefs Will' On Chris Mortensen's Training Camp Bus


As you know by now, ESPN's Chris Mortensen made his way to Kansas City Chiefs training camp in St. Joseph, Missouri on Wednesday.

There's a couple of things Mort does when he arrives at camp.

First, he brings a couple of guys onto the bus to chit-chat. Those two for the Chiefs were Todd Haley and Scott Pioli.

Second, they have someone from the team sign the bus. The most (in)famous one so far is Rex Ryan writing, "Soon to be champs!" on the bus.

Haley went with "Chiefs Will" which is the saying that's on the back of the shirts of the coaching staff. Haley has previously declined to get into what "Chiefs Will" means.

Here's what Haley and Pioli had to say in the ESPN segment. You can view the video here.

Todd Haley

"Last year was a difficult, painful, uncomfortable year for everybody involved but it had to be done. I think in that process, along with this offseason, we've been able to lay a foundation...of the way we're going to do things on a consistent, unwavering basis. The way that I believe our coaching staff, Scott [Pioli], and the entire organization understands and believes in."

Scott Pioli

"Because even though this is our first year together as a staff in this place, this has created continuity in an abstract way. This is a group of guys that know and believe similarly and philosophically in a lot of the same things. The other good part is that because there's that history together there's good energy when there's agreement and there's great energy when there's disagreement because they even know how to argue with one another."