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Chiefs GM Scott Pioli Declines Comment On Jarrad Page Situation


Here is the least surprising news you'll hear today:

Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli declined to comment on the Jarrad Page situation.

"I only talk about the guys that are here," he told reporters (which you can view on after Wednesday's morning practice.

"How many times have you heard that?"

It sounds vaguely familiar....

Last year with the Larry Johnson situation, Todd Haley deflected many questions that were directed his way during in-season press conferences. He consistently said he wouldn't talk much about it -- and he didn't, for the most part.

This time around the Chiefs aren't even opening the topic of discussion.

It's probably in the Chiefs best interests not to say anything. Jarrad Page's brother/agent/spokesman John issued a release accusing the Chiefs of being "Vindictive" and blaming Todd Haley for his stint on injured reserve. That should tell the Chiefs right off the bat that this isn't a battle they want to take public.

So we wait. My guess is that we're going to be waiting a long, long time before this is resolved one way or the other.