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Tony Gonzalez On Playing The Chiefs: 'It's Going To Be Weird'

Weird is one way to put it.

On Friday night Tony Gonzalez will for the first time in his 13-year career play against the Kansas City Chiefs.

"It's going to be weird," Gonzalez told Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star in a phone interview.

"I've been getting that question this week, and not just from reporters, but from my family and friends, and yeah, nostalgia is going to pop up. The relationships, all the hard work that you put in, the bad times that you went through with the organization ...

"And it's not just about football. It's about time spent in the city, the relationships I made with the fans. I'm sure some of them will travel, because the fans are unbelievable. But it is an exhibition game, and I'm keeping that in mind. It's really for the young guys, and you just want to get through it healthy and get some of the timing back."

It'll be like Sept. 11, 1994 when Joe Montana suited up against the 49ers (a game the Chiefs won, by the way).

It is going to feel really, really strange. TG was never like Larry Johnson or Jared Allen or others that have left. There was a deeper connection, I think, because he was such a force within the community.

It'll be weird indeed.

(H/T Generic Brand for the first FanShot)

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