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Chiefs, Falcons Preseason Opener: Matt Cassel Not Sure How Much He'll Play

Matt Cassel will lead the Kansas City Chiefs onto the field for the first time in the 2010 preseason on Friday against the Atlanta Falcons.

We're almost certain he'll start the game but how much will be play?

"No [I don't know how much I'll play], I'm preparing to play a lot though," Cassel told us after practice on Tuesday. "You never know how much you're going to play. I'm preparing to play the whole game if I have to."

We're almost certain he will not play the whole game.

"I would love to [play the whole game]," Cassel continued. "It's that time of year. I'm ready to compete against someone else. I think everyone, as a man here, is ready to start hitting someone else and sweating against someone else. It'll be good to get out there and it's a good challenge for us."

So what will Cassel be working on when he gets out there? While he wouldn't get into specifics, Cassel did say that Weis had found a few things to work on while reviewing his 2008 and 2009 game tapes.

"I think you can appreciate that I'm not going to get into specifics but every coach goes through tape in the offseason and picks on nuances they wanna work on in the offseason and that's their job as coaches to get out there and try to make you the best player you can be," he said. "They've picked out a few things things offseason that they've really worked hard on and I think it's made me a better quarterback throughout camp.