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Chiefs, Falcons Preseason Opener: What GM Scott Pioli is Looking For

Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli talked to reporters following Wednesday morning's practice about the upcoming preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star reports that Pioli is looking for a "million things" in the game.

''Who can execute, who knows their assignments?'' Pioli said. ''That’s one of the biggest things this time of year."

The Chiefs expect everyone to know their assignments. I don't think they hand out roster spots for knowing your role but I do think they cut roster spots for people that don't know.

The head coach and the coordinators have said the system was installed in the spring and they haven't covered much new ground in training camp so their is no excuse for not knowing your assignments.

"What’s easy for everyone to see is the physical performance," Pioli continued. "You’re not always able to see as a fan or in the media who’s taking care of their assignment, who’s doing the right things at the right time, who’s being dependable.

"This is the time now when there’s a lot of pressure on these guys. They’re trying to make a football team. We want to see how they respond to the pressure.''

The Chiefs like creating pressure situations for these players. They know you can find out a lot about someone by seeing how they respond to pressure. That goes back to competition on the roster. How does someone respond when you bring in competition for their position? Do they step it up? Do they wither?

As they say, it's all part of the "process".

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