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Kansas City Chiefs Call About A Free Agent Nose Tackle

The Kansas City Chiefs depth chart currently lists Ron Edwards, Derek Lokey and Garrett Brown at nose tackle. We know in training camp that Shaun Smith has also taken nose tackle reps.

The Chiefs, though, are always looking to upgrade or add competition.

The agent for free agent nose tackle Kendrick Clancy passes along word via Twitter that the Chiefs have put in a call to his client, as have other teams.

client NT Kendrick healthy and ready to play..recent calls from the Chiefs/Texans /Saints on him. he'll be playing somewhere soon

He played only two games with the Saints last year because of a knee injury, which caused surgery.

Clancy, turning 32 years old next week, is 6'1" and 305 pounds.

He's previously played with the Saints, Cardinals, Giants and the Steelers. He was in Pittsburgh's system for five seasons so you know he understands the 3-4 defense. The Steelers drafted him in the third round in 2000.