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Chiefs Safety Eric Berry Making NFL History With First-Team Placement

Eric Berry made history from the moment his name was first announced by Roger Goodell. As one of the only safeties ever taken in the top five choices of the NFL draft, Berry etched his name in the margins of the sport's history books for years to come. When he signed the largest contract ever given to a safety, he made history once again. Now as he prepares to most likely start in the Chiefs defensive backfield, he's likely to do so one more time.

Specifically I'm referring to the fact that Berry is starting from day one. Perhaps that's no surprise given his draft position and contract, yet only seven safeties have ever started all 16 games of their rookie season. Of course, there's no way of knowing if Berry will remain healthy enough to stay in the starting line-up, but to line up with the first team from the opening game means that Berry's athleticism and playmaking ability already place him in elite company.

If he makes it through all 16, the names surrounding him give Chiefs fans a good idea of what to expect over the life of his career. Ed Reed. Steve Atwater. Mark Carrier. LaRon Landry. Roy Williams. Those are some of the names listed, placing Berry in fine company already.

It's a rare position to step in and be able to contribute from day one, given the nature of the safety position being all over the field and the need to maintain a high level of awareness. Yet Berry seems to have the goods and that makes this first round pick an incredibly exciting one.

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