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Chiefs Training Camp: Day Off Affected The Quarterbacks

After Monday morning's practice, media folks were talking about the poor play of the quarterbacks. Apparently Matt Cassel had a few throws he'd like to get back along with Brodie Croyle and Tyler Palko.

It was interesting timing on the Cassel criticisms because Monday was also the day offensive coordinator Charlie Weis spoke to the media. He said one of his priorities upon taking the Kansas City job was diagnosing the flaws with the quarterbacks and fixing them.

"I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what I was getting because the first thing I wanted to do was help fix the quarterback," Weis said. "Trust me, it wasn’t because he wasn’t getting coached before but I had to know what the problems were. I watched every snap he played last year with the Chiefs and then I went back the year before and watched every snap from when Tommy (Brady) went down and every snap he played with New England."

So what happened on Monday when the quarterbacks were apparently out of rhythm?

"I think anytime you have a day off," Todd Haley said Monday, "in general I saw a little bit of it, they sat around for a day and like I said hopefully they took care of their bodies, hydrated and did all those things.

"Now all of a sudden you’re throwing them back out in the mix and I wouldn’t say lethargic, but at times we were having to push them a little more than we’ve had to push them. There were some good things about practice on both sides of the ball. Concentration level in some areas didn’t appear at the level that it’s been."

Bingo. So much of the quarterbacks, and offense in general, is about rhythm and when you take someone out of their rhythm, it affects them.

So would I worry about one bad day? No, not as much as I would worry about a mediocre camp in general. We're halfway through and Cassel has been OK -- not great -- just OK.

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