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Chiefs Training Camp: Catching Up With GM Scott Pioli

NBC Action News aired an interview with Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli on Sunday night. We've referenced the interview a few times.

Here are the parts we haven't talked about yet.

On whether not adding to the front seven is a concern:

I don't think it's a concern but because what we have to do is not just player selection in free agency or the draft...something that's really overlooked in team building and something that Todd, myself and this entire staff is really focused on, is player development. We've got some pretty good players like Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson, that just need to develop in this system.. Player development will be better. And we're going to be better in the middle of the field at the safety position as well.

On the improvement of the offense:

We're expecting to be a more improved offense. We improved over the course of the season. As this offensive line started to work together more, the running game improved and the sacks were reduced. It's not just the quarterback, receiver or tight end. Team success has to do with a group of players, not one player. We're expecting everyone on the entire offense to produce this year.

On the idea that Todd Haley "matured" from last year to now:

I didn't do anything with Todd. For Todd and I...this was a new experience for both of us. There were a lot of situations and set of circumstances that Todd and I came into. There was a new coaching staff and new people, not a lot of familiarity with the staff and the players. Change is tough, Todd says that all the time. I don't know if he's more comfortable but he certainly knows the people around him better and they know him better which allows him to be the head coach. Todd and I talk about it all the time. One of the things he said to me was, 'Now I can be the head coach.' I think that's going to really help him.

On the new coordinators:

Because of their experience with Todd, there's a relationship between the three of them. And, oh by the way, I also worked with them so we collectively know and have a feel with one another that will help the entire organization.

On whether he's comfortable with where the team is at right now:

I'm never comfortable. I'm comfortable knowing that we put the foundation in and we're going to grow. But, in terms of getting comfortable, I never get comfortable. It's just not in my makeup.