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Chiefs Training Camp: Players' Take On First Weekend

The Kansas City Chiefs have wrapped up the first weekend of training camp.

They've had a two-a-day and gotten used to the 2-1 schedule. Monday will be another two-a-day.

After Sunday afternoon's practice, a few Chiefs players talked with the media about their first weekend at camp.

Javier Arenas


I've said before Arenas has a chance to be one of the best rookies in this group. He's got the attitude the Chiefs want and solid skills. Nick Saban, his college coach, was once a pretty good defensive backs coach in his day. Saban and Scott Pioli worked together much earlier in their career.

Arenas says it was fun to get out into camp playing against his teammates. He said all of the change over the last few days doesn't bother him because he's used to distractions.

At one point someone asked about covering Dexter McCluster (a near impossible task at times) and he said, "Man, you know how good he is."

Branden Albert


Albert looks in good shape which is already a head start over last season when he reportedly had to lose nearly 40 pounds.

He said his weight was fine this year so I imagine he'll be more productive in the early goings of this camp compared to last year.

"I'm working on all my weak points," he said. "I'm not gonna tell you what those are but I'm working on them."

Albert is the unquestioned left tackle. He has his hands full against Tamba Hali at times on the left side. That's one of the underrated battles so far in camp.

Glenn Dorsey


"I feel like it's going to be a better year," Dorsey said this afternoon. The Chiefs now have Romeo Crennel watching over the lines along with who Todd Haley called a good up and coming coach in Anthony Pleasant. On Saturday, Dorsey said it helped that he had been a successful defensive tackle himself.

Dorsey also talked about Master Kim, who is coming in to help the Chiefs defensive linemen and receivers with their handwork.

On Sunday morning, Todd Haley said the players haven't yet seen the light at the end of the tunnel because they're only on day three. Dorsey echoed those thoughts saying, "We don't see a light at the end of the tunnel so we gotta grind."

Jamaal Charles


So you're wondering how Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles are getting along?

"Me and TJ get like brothers," Charles says. "I look up to that guy."

Jones has been playing first team so far in camp though many expect the two to split a pretty even amount of carries.

Charles said he likes running the wildcat because ultimately he's a running back again. The Chiefs have given him looks during the first weekend of camp.

Jon Asamoah


Jon Asamoah has seen some time at both guard positions but mostly on the right side. He can also play a center in a reserve role.

He said after practice that the NFL is about what he expected -- much faster and harder.

"Everybody's fast and everybody's good," he said.

Asamoah will have to wait in line for playing time while Brian Waters and Ryan Lilja are around. Those two seem to be the established starters. At some point, Asamoah will come in handy and ideally be ready to fill the role when Waters or Lilja leaves.

Jerheme Urban


Urban compared some of his time in Kansas City to Arizona. While with the Cardinals, everyone knew Larry Fitzgerald had the top receiver job locked up. In Kansas City, Urban says, it's a completely open competition. He said that's what he's been told and what has been made clear to him.

Urban has a shot to make the team. Think about this: He's the tallest receiver on the Chiefs at 6'3".