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Chiefs Training Camp: First Weekend Is In The Books

The Chiefs wrapped up their first weekend of practice.

On Sunday, it was once again very hot. The offense and defense seemed to be split this time around with both sides having highlights and lowlights.

But there's some good news: I saw another Arrowhead Pride shirt and was recognized by a reader. Yes, it's like I'm a celebrity (at least that's what I tried to tell everyone around me). I also met long-time reader and commenter Jason Shore today.

Here's what I saw on day three.

Barry Richardson saw time at left tackle today. He was on the right side at times yesterday. Good thing or bad thing they're switching him around? His best bet to make the team is to be able to play a couple different positions.

If I had to guess, three days into camp, the top three receivers: Dwayne Bowe, Chris Chambers and Dexter McCluster. I'm convinced McCluster will play quite a bit this year.

Jackie Battle showed a nice bit of athleticism on one run to the left cutting back inside. Some nice moves for a guy his size.


The receivers were doing a drill were they had to run to the first down marker, turn around and make the catch (no defender). The idea of course was to get the first down (and everyone in the world has said at one point, 'If you needed five yards why did you go four?!'). Bowe made a solid catch in this drill stretching out his arms to make the catch, all with the crowd cheering him on. Once the crowd got silent, Charlie Weis reminded him he was a yard short. I think Weis received cheers every time he yelled something.

Some of the biggest cheers came after a coach chewed out a player. Sometimes it's so quiet that everyone can hear what Haley and/or Weis is saying. Both of them have personality, that's for sure.

Dexter McCluster let a relatively easy catch slip through his hands. I haven't seen him miss a lot during this camp. Likewise, Terrence Copper missed a similar catch on a comeback route.

During red zone work, Leroy Banks caught a Croyle pass right on the edge of the goal line. Meeting him there was Javier Arenas who popped him (created a loud noise) knocking him over. Haley didn't sound too happy about that.


Like McCluster, Lance Long is pretty sharp when he cuts. He can stop quickly, turn around and still get his hands on the ball. I'm not sure where he fits on the team with McCluster now in the fold but he can do a couple of things well.

The receivers ran routes against the defensive backs with all three quarterbacks rotating in and out throwing the ball. In this setting, with open space, McCluster is nearly impossible to cover. He is definitely the crowd favorite so far.

Bowe received praise from the coaching staff on several occasions during the drill against the defensive backs. He had arguably the best catch of camp so far against Brandon Flowers. Flowers was covering him as he ran to the corner of the end zone. Flowers didn't look back and the ball floated right over his shoulder and into Bowe's hands as he fell backwards with his feet on the sidelines. Big time cheers there.

Just like the first two days, Bowe ran right past the media after practice.


Chambers had a diving catch near the sidelines against Brandon Carr.

Maurice Leggett was physical in these receiver/defensive back drills. He's still got a little bit to go but I like how he's pushing back.

I didn't quite catch what the players did but Haley got on Flowers Bowe and McCluster for some sort of showboating.

There was a near fight during the team portion of practice. I didn't see what started it but Ikechuku Ndukwe ended up on the ground and he popped back up and got in Derek Lokey's face. Some intensity there.


Brodie Croyle had a beautiful pass 35 yards in the air to Chambers landing a few yards from the end zone close to the sideline. Chambers hauled it in and might've scored if it were a game.

Colin Brown saw more time at right tackle. Jon Asamoah was at right guard.

Rudy Niswanger was on the first team during team stuff. As was Ron Edwards.

Matt Cassel tried to hit Jake O'Connell on a post route in the end zone. Berry hopped in there and knocked the pass away right in front of the crowd. Big cheers came after the play. Berry slipped past the media after practice.


Jon McGraw tipped a Matt Cassel pass in the end zone but dropped the interception.

Like the great Bowe catch earlier, Cassel threw a perfect pass to Chambers near the corner of the end zone. And like Flowers against Bowe, Carr didn't turn his head around and it landed right in Chambers arms.

Jackie Bates picked off a Tyler Palko pass during red zone work. The defensive backs seemed more aggressive today.

My obligatory "It was really hot!" line of each camp post. Plus obligatory picture of sun beating down on the players to show how hot it is.


Tyson Jackson blew up one play pancaking the defender but Croyle got the ball of in time and hit Jerheme Urban in the end zone. After practice, Urban said it was made clear that every position is open. He said in Arizona, obviously everyone knew Larry Fitzgerald was the best. But he's been promised that the competition is wide open.


McCluster was returning kicks (caught all six punts).

Derrick Johnson and Jovan Belcher were on the first team during red zone work.

On one play during red zone work, the pocket collapsed on Cassel and he didn't get the ball away. Haley blew the whistle and the entire offense ran. Cassel should've thrown the ball away.

The defense, led by Tyson Jackson, stuffed a Thomas Jones run to the right. Demorrio Williams did the same when Jones lined up in the wildcat and on the play after that the defense sniffed out a screen. Great run there by the defense.


Kendrick Lewis came in almost into the flat and batted down a Croyle pass to Tony Moeaki.