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Chiefs Training Camp: Something's Working With The Receivers

Walking to the podium with a Diet Coke in hand, Chiefs head coach Todd Haley was the same guy he is everyday. Just the way he likes it.

"Be the same guy everyday," he said when asked about the grind of three weeks of training camp.

Logic would suggest it would be easier to install the offense and defense early on in camp when players aren't as mentally or physically drained. However, Haley said that training camp, when players are tired, is the best time to test their mental and physical strength, particularly receivers, who led the league in dropped passes last year.

Haley reminded us this afternoon that he was once a receivers coach and that he could talk at length about the technique used to make an effective receiver.

"It's a unique subject," he said. "A big part of catching the ball is confidence but you have to catch a lot of balls before and after practice."

That seems to be the Tony Gonzalez approach. He wasn't the elite pass-catcher when he first arrived in Kansas City 14 years ago but, over time, and a lot of time with the jugs machine, he became arguably the best of all-time.

Haley says training camp is the best time to coach receivers. It's the same idea of beating guys down to nothing so that you can build them back up the right way.

"This is when I love coaching receivers," he said.

Receiver is one of the more difficult positions in training camp because you're running more than anyone else. While the defensive line is exerting plenty of energy against other 300+ pounders, receivers are breaking down their most important asset -- their legs.

He said there was a lot of time spent coaching the receivers last year but the results simply weren't there. Because the Chiefs led the league in dropped passes last year, and Haley is a former receivers coach, you can bet that position will be in the spotlight.

So far, Haley's biggest student, Dwayne Bowe, is passing the test. Haley said on Saturday that Bowe is working hard to be one of the better receivers in the league.

Through two days and three practices of training camp, Bowe seems to be passing the test.

If Bowe isn't the most impressive player in camp through the first two days, then that honor might go to Dexter McCluster.

Who would've thought the players in the conversation for best-in-camp would be two receivers?

Seems something is working early on.