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Chiefs Training Camp: Charlie Weis And Romeo Crennel Making Their Presence Felt

One big reason for the optimism around the Kansas City Chiefs these days is the addition of offensive coordinator Charlie Weis and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel. Both men are highly experienced and have been part of successful teams. They've also coached under Todd Haley's mentor, Bill Parcells.

The early verdict on the two new guys is that they're making their presence felt.

Romeo Crennel -- or RAC as they call him -- seems to have made a quick impact on the defense. The Chiefs front seven, overall, has looked stronger. That's probably partially due to a year of experience in the 3-4 defense and the addition of Crennel.

In the first practice on Friday, he spent a lot of his time watching the defensive line. Crennel, a former defensive line coach, probably figures to be keeping an eye on that position group. Anthony Pleasant is the defensive line coach.

Overall, I've said I think the defense is making progress. Usually it's the offense that's ahead of things in the early goings of training camp but the defense has been sharper (but still a ways to go).

I've heard a few jokes out there about Crennel's Coors Light commercials. The players haven't been giving him a hard time about it (but they should).

Charlie Weis is the headliner on the Chiefs injury list. He had a knee injury "at the 11th hour" Haley said. He's getting around in a motorized scooter-type thing. He's also using a cane. It looks painful when he walks. Haley was right -- he "toughed it out."

That said, the knee injury isn't slowing Weis down. He's still a very vocal coach. The fans are generally close enough to hear him when he yells and let's just say it's not something you want to miss. I can't repeat any of it here but hearing Weis is a reason to come out to training camp.

Ryan Lilja said after the first day of practice that Weis could make his presence felt if he were laying down wearing sunglasses.

So just because Weis is injured at the moment, don't think he's not making his presence felt on the field.