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The End Of The Kansas City Chiefs Offseason Program

Today officially marks the end of the Kansas City Chiefs offseason program. As Josh Looney of pointed out, the public part of the offseason program ended back in the middle of June when OTAs wrapped up. That's when the veterans left for vacation and to do whatever it is they do during their break before training camp.

But the rookies have been in town working out, studying the playbook and running "the hill."

Today that changes as the rookies will complete their time in Kansas City. Many will head back to their hometown. Going back there now as a NFL player has to be special. Some will stay in Kansas City, their new home. Others will travel.

What's important over these next few weeks is that none of them get complacent (which Todd Haley once told Larry Fitzgerald is the worst thing that could happen to a player). Dwayne Bowe recently admitted that he had taken 12 consecutive days off of training and had trouble with the conditioning aspect of Fitzgerald's recent camp for NFL players. That's the sorta thing that can't be happening on June 30 at 1:50 p.m.

So will the Chiefs keep it together? I imagine most will but undoubtedly there's going to be a few that show up in less-than-ideal shape.

This is a test for the rookies and veterans. Three weeks off of practicing, working out and being under the daily watch of the coaches and/or training staff. Frankly, this is the time of year players get in trouble.

But that's part of the motivation behind drafting with character in mind.

Training camp in 21 days.....

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