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Chiefs Were Aware Cris Carter, Michael Irvin Would Give Dwayne Bowe Some "Tough Love"

Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe attended Larry Fitzgerald's summer camp for NFL players. Two of the men in attendance were once good receivers in their day -- Michael Irvin and Cris Carter.

Chip Scoggins of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports Bowe received some "tough love" from Irvin and Carter. Apparently, Bowe had taken nearly two weeks off of workouts and was overwhelmed by the conditioning aspect of all of it.

"Can you imagine your first day coming back to 14 100s?" Bowe told the Star-Tribune. "Man, it was like college again. I’ve never done this intensive competing, conditioning and technique in one day."

Apparently, the Chiefs knew Bowe would be here talking to Irvin and Carter.

"I don’t get mad about kids coming or not coming," Carter said. "Larry is the only one who invited me. Larry is the only one but some people in Kansas City as far as their administration kind of knew I was going to be here. We kind of let them know that I would be here for [receiver Dwayne] Bowe."

I take this as a good sign. If the Chiefs had given up Bowe, or thought he didn't have what it takes to be great, they wouldn't have bothered talking with Carter.

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