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Chiefs RB Thomas Jones: 'My Body Is My Protection'

One of the first things most of us noticed about Thomas Jones when he came to the Kansas City Chiefs is that he is in incredible shape. Meeting him in person, his arms are certainly intimidating. They might just be the biggest among running backs in the NFL.

So why is he a workout warrior?

"My body is my protection. The harder I am the more solid I am, the more hits I can take," he told Bob Gretz.

And then as if it were straight from Haley's mouth:

"When I’m running through a hole and it’s me and one other guy who is trying to tackle me, I know when I’m moving towards him that I put in more time than he did," said Jones. "I lifted more weights, I did more cardio, I worked harder and I’m going to win this battle."

Jones was brought on board because he's a talented player but also because he can show the other Chiefs how to work. That's been one of the biggest assets for him in the past five years.

Ideally, Jones is the guy in the third and fourth quarter that can help the Chiefs hold a lead. They didn't really have that last year. Judging by his workouts, he's a good candidate for that.

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