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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 7/8

Good morning, AP! Here's today's Kansas City Chiefs news. In the "it had to happen sometime" file, we have the creation of a premium package at Bob Gretz's website. It averages 16 cents a day and considering he churns out unique articles daily and the Star hasn't has a Chiefs non-press release story since June 20th, I'll probably be signing up. I'll only link to the free content (similar to ESPN and out of respect for the time he puts into his work. It really is amazing he's been able to go two years without something like this.

It was 23 months and 49 weeks ago that we turned on this website dedicated to coverage of the Chiefs and NFL.  We plan to celebrate many more anniversaries and continue to provide our brand of Chiefs coverage with new twists and turns along the way. With that in mind we are introducing premium content to the site beginning August 1st. Subscribers will receive all the information and features they’ve enjoyed on the site over the last two years. That access will continue through the day after the Chiefs 2010 season ends, whenever that may happen.

There will always be content available to readers on the site, but the breadth and depth of the coverage you’ve enjoyed will become part of the premium package.

Premium Access Starting August 1 from Bob Gretz

"Certainly, coming from a mining background, I understand it," Jones said. "Nobody wants their parents working underground, especially your mother. But she looked at it as going to work and we never saw her any differently than anybody else who was out there working. It was their life, and they were sacrificing so that we could have a better life."

Jones’ mother Betty worked the midnight-to-8 a.m. shift over 20 years ad still raised seven children, including Jones’ brother Julius (a former Dallas Cowboys standout now with the Seattle Seahawks) and five daughters.

Jones’ longevity (entering his 11th year, with his fifth different team) and success (9,217 yards, 62 touchdowns and five straight 1,000 yard seasons) in the NFL is not a secret.

At least as not as far as the 2008 Pro Bowl starter  is concerned.

The son of coal mining parents, he saw the blue collar work ethic his mother and father in the mines.

"I guess that work ethic is in my genes," Jones said. "I keep working on the things my parents taught me. They would sometimes work overtime to have extra money to buy gifts and keep food on the table. So for me to watch extra film, or to workout on a day off, that’s all I know. And that was key for me, as well as my brother."

‘The Soul of Coal’ from The Register-Herald

The LeBron James Sweepstakes will come to a conclusion Thursday evening with a one-hour special broadcast on ESPN...

...So his situation is important and newsworthy. But it is not unique. I heard one of the sports talk radio yakkers say the other day that the James Sweepstakes is something that’s never happened before in the world of American sports. Typical comment coming from somebody just a few years removed from his senior prom and with no sense of history.

It was 17 years ago when the late Reggie White went on a free agency tour that in many ways was bigger than what we’ve seen in the last week with James. The late Hall of Fame defensive lineman did not stick to one place and have the teams come to visit him. White had a seven-city, 37-day tour where he flew all over the country meeting with NFL teams, with the media trailing behind.

Before LeBron Came Reggie … Thursday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

This offseason, the Chiefs went to work on their offense. They added coordinator Charlie Weis, the former Notre Dame coach and architect of New England's offense. Kansas City also signed running back Thomas Jones and offensive linemen Ryan Lilja and Casey Wiegmann and used a second-round pick in the NFL Draft on playmaker Dexter McCluster.

Add that to Jamaal Charles, Matt Cassel, Dwayne Bowe and Chris Chambers, and the Chiefs could be in line to move the ball at will in the weak AFC West. Fantasy owners who take a chance on the Chiefs could reap major rewards.

We view Charles and Bowe as starting options and Jones, McCluster and Chambers should be key reserves. The key will be Cassel's development in his second year as the starter in Kansas City, and that's where Weis comes in to help him become a potential Fantasy sleeper.

Weis should make this Chiefs offense shine, and we're excited to see it all play out.

2010 Fantasy Outlooks: Kansas City Chiefs from CBS Sports

Last year Morgan Ganem, lead vocalist for the Tulsa band SOWNDS, wrote the new Kansas City Chiefs chant "Chop it up."

Now, the Chiefs plan to use the chant in a big way.

On Monday, the Kansas City Chiefs film crew will come to Sand Springs and Tulsa to film SOWNDS for a special segment to be aired on their TV show.

KC Chiefs fan? Film crew coming Monday to CPHS stadium from

Some big names and successful people are hosting camps in our area, including an NFL player, a former college basketball coach who led a team to the Elite Eight and an exceptional, championship-winning volleyball coach.

For starters, former University of Alabama and Baldwin County High School star Wallace Gilberry is hosting a football camp on Friday and Saturday at Sellars Stadium in Robertsdale.

Gilberry, who is heading into his third year as a defensive lineman with the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs, invites campers going into sixth, seventh and eighth grades to the camp, which will run from 4-6 p.m. on Friday and from 9-11:30 a.m. Saturday.


After three seasons of a deep slumber, Kansas City appears headed for an awakening in 2010.

The Chiefs aren't Super Bowl contenders yet, but the worst appears to be over for a franchise that had just 10 victories over the past three seasons. Certainly, they've run out of excuses if stuck again at the bottom of the AFC West when the '10 season concludes.

Coach Todd Haley has had a season to learn the nuances of the job and institute his policies. With the hiring of new coordinators Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel, he has veteran and trusted assistants running his offense and defense.

Camp countdown: Chiefs on track for season of significant progress from Sporting News

Barbecue, in an unusual way, is a kind of fusion cuisine. It's rare to find someone running a shack, a stand, or a full-blown restaurant who doesn't have some wild hair of an influence dirtying up their otherwise pure Carolina, Panhandle, or Midwestern soul. But one place exists as the central clearinghouse of all barbecue knowledge, a wonderland of colliding influences and notions about heat, meat, smoke, and spice which also has a deep-running barbecue tradition all its own. That place is Kansas City, famous for its ribs and its sweet/hot barbecue sauce as thick as syrup and dark as polished mahogany. Kansas City is the barbecue Promised Land.

Like a Pig in Spit from Seattle Weekly

Player Tweets

 GlennDorsey72 Just left Our Lady of the Lake Hospital visiting kids in the pediatric ICU.. One word AMAZING!

GlennDorsey72 One of the kids was playing Madden with the #chiefs wen I walked in.. Doc said he prolly won't make it long yall.... We are so blessed..
GlennDorsey72 Heading to wedding rehearsal wit all my homeboys bouta be a hour of pure comedy!! All I can think of is Wedding Crashers lol #dontjudgeme
BCarr39 About to watch Brooklyn's Finest and hopefully Shutter Island if my eyes are still open.

Media and Fans

 KC_Chiefs1 NOW HIRING: Ushers, Fan Assists and Security - #chiefs

mellinger Love this soccer column by @greggdoyelcbs

mellinger I feel like it's time for @kingjames to go on with @getnickwright and lie about where he'll play next year

mortreport No truth that LeBron will be joined by the QB from Hattiesburg for a dual announcement.

JoshLooney Rookie Spotlight: LB Cory Greenwood -

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