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Chiefs Training Camp: Dexter McCluster's Fast Start


Chiefs receiver Dexter McCluster is having a good start to his NFL career, even if it's only three months old and he hasn't played a game yet. He moved pretty well at the Chiefs facility over the offseason and he's just as impressive in the first two days of training camp.

On the first day of camp, McCluster was running a route across the middle and stopped short when Kendrick Lewis came running at him full steam. In a real game, it would've been quite a collision. McCluster and Lewis were roommates at Ole Miss but McCluster said there wasn't any trash talking going on between them.

"That was a close one," McCluster said after practice this afternoon. "I gotta get him back for that one. I guess he wanted to get me back from OTAs earlier in the offseason but we're going to have a friendly competition."

You're going to see McCluster's name in some stories this week because the Chiefs ran a few plays -- including the wildcat -- on Saturday morning and people were usually paying attention when McCluster got the ball.

"I love the wildcat," he said. "Coaches think we have some success [with it]. We have the players to do it. We have some mismatches we can create against the opponent."

Part of the wildcat's effectiveness is the ability to throw the ball, to which he says, "You know, in the LSU game I threw a touchdown."

"We have a lot of speed on offense."

McCluster and Jamaal Charles in the backfield may be the best Madden combination ever. Speed is the name of the game.