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Redskins Sign Trent Williams, Chiefs And Eric Berry Are Up Next

The Redskins signed fourth overall pick Trent Williams early this morning which means the ceiling on fifth overall pick Eric Berry's contract with the Chiefs has officially been set.

Now it's just a matter of signing the guy.

Presumably the Chiefs and Berry's camp are working on getting something done. Several folks in the last 24 hours have indicated that they're getting closer to a deal.

We'll see if Berry makes it to the first camp practice this afternoon at 1:50 p.m.

I'm not sure if he's even in Kansas City or not. Sometimes the player's camp doesn't want the team to know if they're in town because it could give the team leverage knowing the player is here ready to sign.

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli is in St. Joe with the rest of the staff for camp.

Wherever Berry is, it's about an hour drive from Kansas City (where he would fly into) so it can't be long once he gets the official word.

[Update: The ceiling: 6-years, $60M max; $36.75M guaranteed]

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