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Chiefs Training Camp: It's Not The Same In River Falls Anymore

Think back to all the stories we've had in recent weeks about the excitement building in St. Joe for the Kansas City Chiefs arrival and the kick off of 2010 training camp.

Now think back to River Falls, WI, who have lost the Chiefs (and $1-3 million to boot).

"No, it doesn't feel right at all," said Steve Stocker, director of Recreation and Sports Facilities for the University.

Bill Hudson of WCCO in River Falls profiles the feeling around the community with August rolling around and, for the first time in nearly two decades, Chiefs buses aren't around the corner.

"Ever since 1991," he writes, "River Falls had rolled out the red carpet for the NFL franchise which brought seven semi-trailer loads of football gear and training equipment to town. Along with the 100 or more players, coaches, trainers and support staff - the town filled with cash spending fans."

It's a big blow to the River Falls community and one that's happening across the league. The trend these days is to bring camp closer to home so the Chiefs aren't unique in that regard.

But you've gotta admit that it does feel a little strange (but still good) that the Chiefs aren't in River Falls and just an hour from home.

"I just got a couple of texts from the Kansas City staff saying we're in St. Joe's and it's no River Falls," said Mary Halada, who was part of the group that first brought the Chiefs to town.

Maybe it's better. Maybe it's not. Or maybe it's just different.

We'll find out in the next three weeks.

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