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Wallace Gilberry Talks Alabama And LSU In The Chiefs Locker Room

Chiefs defensive end Wallace Gilberry says football serious is serious in Alabama.

"I've seen people literally get into fistfights and hauled off to jail over Alabama and Auburn," he told Soren Petro on 810 WHB today. "It's serious. It's really serious."

For Gilberry, a former member of the Alabama Crimson Tide, it's important to rep his home state. That's a task that's considerably tougher when you look at all the LSU players on the Chiefs roster -- Dwayne Bowe, Travis Daniels, Glenn Dorsey, Tyson Jackson, Rudy Niswanger.

"We don't have enough 'Bama guys," Gilberry joked. "LSU overwhelms the whole team so we have to pull from every SEC school we can to go up against LSU. There's a lot of talent that came out of LSU over the years."

Gilberry has some help this year with the arrival of Javier Arenas, who was drafted out of Alabama in the second round.

"I recruited him," Gilberry said of Arenas. "I was his host when he came here. He's been the same guy -- and I was telling Todd Haley this -- from the day he stepped on campus to the day he came to Kansas City."

Gilberry makes a good point that there's a lot of LSU talent on the Chiefs roster but what about Alabama? You've got Gilberry, Arenas, Tim Castille, Brodie Croyle and Bobby Greenwood.

That happens to be the same number of LSU guys on the roster.

Add in the three South Carolina guys, three Tennessee guys and three Ole Miss guys and you've got quite the SEC battle in the Chiefs locker room.

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