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Todd Haley: No Time Was Sacrificed With Matt Cassel Last Year

Chiefs coach Todd Haley had some interesting things to say on The Program with Soren Petro this afternoon including how he operated with Matt Cassel last season.

Haley, as you know, was the offensive coordinator and the head coach. One man was doing two full-time jobs so logically we know there were some corners cut but Haley says that didn't happen with Cassel.

"One thing I have tried to make clear was that no time was sacrificed with Matt Cassel last year," Haley told Petro. "Other areas, because of the situation, maybe, but no time was sacrificed with Matt."

I understand Haley isn't trying to make excuses but his two full-time jobs were clearly an issue at times last season.

Rich Gannon, a CBS analyst, said earlier this offseason Haley liked road games because it gave him time to sit next to Cassel on the plane to go over everything from the previous week's practice. "That’s because he was trying to catch up from what they missed during the week," Gannon said.

Also earlier this offseason Cassel said, "Now that Charlie is here, it will be great to have a guy who can concentrate totally on the offense."

The clear implication is that time was a factor last year but the Chiefs don't want to make that as an excuse for Cassel's so-so performance in 2009. Instead, they're looking forward to 2010 where Charlie Weis will bring 23.7 points per game offense out on the field.

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