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Clark Hunt Says Chiefs Goal Is To Be In Playoff Hunt Come December


Last year owner Clark Hunt said the goal for the 2009 Kansas City Chiefs was to be competing for a playoff spot in December. The Chiefs started the season 1-7 and were effectively eliminated from the playoff talk in November.

Once again, Hunt said on 810 WHB with Soren Petro that the goal is to be in the hunt come December.

"I have expectations for us to be significantly improved," Hunt said. "I always hate to put a specific number on the win/loss record but I have said publicly I expect us to be competing for a playoff spot when December rolls around."

Part of his motivation for that has to be blackout related. Kansas City has clearly demonstrated that when the Chiefs are winning -- or at least around .500 -- they can fill Arrowhead Stadium to the point that it becomes a significant homefield advantage. Last year, the Chiefs saw a blackout entering December with a 3-8 record.

"I really think Scott Pioli and Todd Haley are doing the right thing building the team from the bottom up the way it should be built," he continued. "Our goal is to have a team that can realistically aspire to be competing for championships and I really don't think that's too far off."

I'd say that's accurate. The Chiefs aren't a Super Bowl team this year (but, hey, feel free to surprise me) but they should be at least in the playoff hunt in December.

if they're walking into December with just three wins in 11 chances again, it will be a major disappointment for all involved.

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