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Chiefs GM Scott Pioli Makes An Appearance At Kauffman Stadium

The Chiefs sure know how to get around. On Sunday night, they joined the Wizards for the Manchester United game at Arrowhead Stadium. And this evening Chiefs GM Scott Pioli made an appearance at the Royals and Twins game at Kauffman Stadium.

There's an interesting parallel between the men leading Kansas City's two most popular franchises. Pioli comes from New England, where the Patriots have been incredibly successful for a long period of time. Likewise, Royals GM Dayton Moore comes from Atlanta where the Braves were one of the most successful teams in the 90s and early 00s.

As it turns out, Pioli and Moore do talk.

"Dayton and I have been able to share some ideas about team building," Pioli said on the Royals telecast. "There's a small group of people that exchange ideas about team building. Dayton and I have been able to have some very good and interesting conversations and I think there's going to be a nice relationship between the Chiefs and Royals."

I like this about Pioli. He often talks to coaches and GMs of other sports (and even other industries) about philosophies of building a team.

By the way, in his short time in Kansas City we've learned Pioil's baseball ties run deep.

So it's no surprise that he's made friends with the GM across the parking lot.

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