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Touring The New Arrowhead: Living The Suite Life


Describing my tour of the New Arrowhead last week I said, "Some of the renovations were to fancy up those suites I'll never sit in..."

And then of course I got an invite to watch the Kansas City Wizards play Manchester United in a suite on Sunday night.

So the first few photos here are from the suite I sat in at that game. The next set of photos come from what the Chiefs are calling their signature suites appropriately named for players like Len Dawson, Jan Stenerud and Bobby Bell. I've also got a shot of the penthouse suite in there.

The photo above, by the way, is the definition of old school. Marty looks like an older Chris Thorman in that outfit.

Enjoy this set of photos from the New Arrowhead.


This is one of the photos in our suite at the Manchester United game. Looks like T-Rich, right?


Another picture. This time of Treng Trent Green. I think this was the game Dante Hall took a kick back to win it.


Those sandwiches didn't stand a chance against me.


This is another cool photo. The Chiefs did a good job outfitting walls with stuff like this.


The Chiefs owner in the penthouse suite. Cool thing about this one: You can buy single tickets to the penthouse suite. This is on the top level down the hall from the press box.


Now these are cool. The Chiefs unveiled several signature suites which I believe are right where the old press box used to be. If I can read that signature on the table right, this is the Jan Stenerud suite.


Another view of the signature suite. Comes with an attendant as well.


This is the common area for the signature suite folks. Another thing the Chiefs did well was creating more common areas like this for people to gather if they don't want to stay in the suite the whole game. Of course there are flat screens everywhere.


This is the view from your signature suite. You can raise and lower that glass so during a nice fall game you could leave it up. Of course during the winter you'll probably want to shut it.

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