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ESPN's Broadcasting Crew For Chiefs, Chargers Monday Night Football Opener

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For many Kansas Citians this won't matter but ESPN is set to announce the broadcasters for the Chiefs and Chargers Monday Night Football season opener:

ESPN will formally announce today that analyst Trent Dilfer, along with veteran play-caller Brad Nessler, will work the San Diego-Kansas City late game of its Sept. 13 opening Monday night doubleheader.

ESPN has used various analysts — including Mike Golic, Mike Ditka, Dick Vermeil and Steve Young— as analysts in that one doubleheader in its Monday lineup.

Two thoughts:

  • No Mike & Mike is a good thing. No offense to them but, as Pro Football Talk pointed out, they've been painful as a broadcasting duo in the past.
  • The announcers won't matter to many of you because the way to watch a game in Kansas City for years has been to mute the volume on the telecast and flip it to 101.1 the Fox and hear Lenny Dawson and Mitch Holthus.