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Manchester United Visiting Arrowhead Stadium Today

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The New Arrowhead Stadium won't be hosting a football game until Aug. 27 when the Eagles come to town to play the Chiefs in the third preseason game.

But they are hosting a fútbol game today.

The no. 1 sports brand and the most valuable sports franchise in the world, Manchester United, will make an appearance at Arrowhead today in a friendly match with the Kansas City Wizards.

This will be the first test of 50,000+ fans inside the New Arrowhead so I'm sure the Chiefs will learn a few things for the upcoming season.

Oh, by the way, I'll be going to the game today. I got a call from my uncle Dave -- coincidentally also my favorite uncle -- that he has an extra ticket in a suite.

A suite at the New Arrowhead. Be jealous but also be assured that I'll report back on Monday morning with plenty of photos and tidbits about the suite life at the New Arrowhead.