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Robert Kraft Highlights Patriots Philosophy, Sounds Like The Chiefs

There's a solid article by Ian Rapoport in the Boston Herald this morning regarding Robert Kraft and his organizational philosophy as the owner of the Patriots.

Of course Chiefs GM Scott Pioli came from New England so there are some similar philosophies.

Kraft hit on all the key points that Pioli has stressed in his time in Kansas City:

Constantly adding talent at any position possible: "Remember, you’re one injury away all the time from just being an 8-8 team. So, you got to continuously work your roster."

Focusing on the draft as the vehicle for talent acquisition: "And you got a nucleus that you can build on from the future while maintaining the solid core players that we’ve had."

Improving the bottom half of the roster: "The only way you’re going to survive in this business is to replenish your team with younger players each year."

Making informed, not emotional, decisions: "I personally don’t want to trade any good player from here. But I want us to be in the best position to win."

Hey, they've had just one season in the last decade with less than ten wins so if Pioli was doing it any other way I'd be questioning his sanity.

It's a good read so check it out and let us know if you see the same similarities.

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