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Chiefs Football Is Getting Closer

I'm sitting here on Saturday night getting a laundry list of errands from Ms. Primetime that I need to do.

She's getting all she can out of me now because next week everything changes. She knows I'll be busy starting Friday until the first week of February (yeah, just in case the Chiefs go to the Super Bowl).

Next week is training camp. Kansas City Chiefs football.

We. Are. So. Close.

I can't tell you how jazzed I am for football season to start. I thrive on being overwhelmed with work (to Ms. Primetime's chagrin) and training camp to preseason to the regular season will provide that for me.

I've got a few radio shows planned next week. The content will be flowing at a rapid pace. Our traffic numbers show Chiefs fans are ready for the season.

Get excited. Football in pads. Coming soon....

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