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Touring The New Arrowhead Stadium: Historic Walls Edition


On Friday night I was in-studio with Three Guys In A Garage, a radio show here in Kansas City. One of the hosts, Jay, and myself were on the tour of the New Arrowhead Friday morning and talked about all the new and improved aspects of the stadium.

We talked about 65 Toss Power Trap, Commissioner Roger Goodell coming to town, the view from the press box and a host of other features in the new stadium.

Here's one I forgot: The walls.

Yes, even the walls are interesting.

Along one of the lower level concourses, the Chiefs take you on a tour of history with famous players, coaches and moments throughout the history of the club.

I snapped a bunch of photos of the walls after the jump. My favorite? DT sacking Steve Young.

Make the jump and tell us what your favorite one is.






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