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Touring The New Arrowhead: Chiefs Did It Right


I just returned from touring the New Arrowhead and, to put it very eloquently, it's pretty badass.

Some of the renovations were to fancy up those suites I'll never sit in and some were for the rest of us like more concessions, bathrooms, bigger concourses and the Hall of Honor.

I snapped over 50 photos so over the course of the next week I'm going to feature a different part of the stadium every day and give you a little more info on it.

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt was our tour guide and you could tell he was proud because, as he said, "Lamar would have loved it."

After the jump, I've got a few more photos. Coming up later today: A few words from Clark Hunt.


Mr. Hunt addresses the crowd from the penthouse suite.


This is an example of the videos playing on the walls of the Hall of Honor. Pretty cool space.


This is the view from my seat...the press box. It's up there but still a solid view.


I caught a pretty good picture on the jumbotron.


This was on one of the hallways. Good to know they're reppin' the best part of Kansas City.


Not your average bar, huh?

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