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New Source Of Motivation For Chiefs Safety Eric Berry To Sign Early

We've developed a new source of motivation for Chiefs safety Eric Berry to sign his contract in the early goings of training camp.

On Thursday I passed along a prediction from Nick Wright of 610 Sports that Berry would sign on Aug. 5 or later. My personal prediction is that the deal gets done before Aug. 5. The Chiefs first camp practice is July 30.

So we've decided to make things interesting. Via Nick Wright:

How about this wager... I'm right, I get a full guest post, and if you're right, you come on my show.

So, if he signs before Aug. 5, I'll be on the afternoon drive show. If he signs on Aug. 5 or after, he's posting on AP. Yeah, I'm worried about what he would write, too.

On top of that, the winner will get a free barbecue lunch courtesy of the loser.

The biggest question now I get fries or onion rings with my Z-man from Oklahoma Joe's?

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