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Conflcting Reports On Chiefs, Jon Asamoah Deal

[Update 11:01 p.m. I edited the title to accurately reflect the situation. Aaron Wilson of National Football Post reports: "According to a league source, the Kansas City Chiefs do not have a done deal with third-round guard Jon Asamoah".]

On Thursday evening, Bob Gretz of reported the Chiefs were "on the brink" of signing third round pick Jon Asamoah.

Later on Thursday evening, Nick Wright of 610 Sports passed along word that he's "hearing Jon Asamoah is signed" to a deal.

Per Wright, the numbers come in at $2.7 million over four years and $900,000 guaranteed, which are about in-line with what we expected.

With Gretz reporting the deal is close, and Wright reporting he's agreed to terms, we can probably expect an announcement from the Chiefs in the near future.

As we've said before, these late round picks signing isn't a big deal. They're expected to be in camp in plenty of time.

It's Eric Berry that we have to worry about. Wright places his money on Berry arriving on Aug. 5 or later. I'd guess somewhere in that first week.

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