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Chiefs, Royals Longest Day Ever Has 'Blown Away' Expectations

As you know we've been calling the Chiefs Monday Night Football season opener on Sept. 13 the "Longest Day Ever" because you can also attend the Royals game earlier that day. Arriving at the stadium around noon for the Royals 2:05 p.m. game and then staying after the game to tailgate for the Chiefs Monday Night Football game at 9:15 p.m., which should end around midnight, makes it the "Longest Day Ever".

Chiefs COO Mark Donovan talked with Bob Fescoe of 610 Sports this morning and said the reaction to the "Longest Day Ever" has "blown away our expectations."

"It's fair to say that the two pack has blown away all of our expectations," Donovan said. "It's such a unqiue day and opportunity to really be part of a historic sports day in Kansas City."

The Chiefs are hyping this up and I'm buying into it. This is a really unique day, as Donovan said, and not many other cities can do something like this.

Meanwhile, Donovan said ticket sales for the rest of the season are moving along.

"Ticket sales are going well," he said. "Suite sales are going well. It's a difficult economy out there so we're trying to be respectful of our fan base and provide the right opportunities."

Those "right opportunities" are Chiefs single-game tickets priced at $30 and season tickets on the low end at $25 per game. With 10 wins in the last three years, the Chiefs aren't in position to be drastically raising ticket prices so I'm glad they're responding to the market.

As for Tuesday, Sept. 14, the day after the game, I think Fescoe had it right: "We oughta declare that a city holiday."

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